New Website?

Looking for a new website?

If you are a consultant working privately and considering developing your online presence and raising awareness of your private specialist clinics with a dynamic new website to show people who you are , what you do and where you work and most importantly, how to contact you, maybe we can help? 

With the huge increase in people searching online to review their private health choices , now is the time to ensure your private clinic details are clearly seen online. The numbers of consultants with a great looking website is growing - now is the time to take advantage of a great opportunity to create your own website. 

Where to start?

So , how do you chose the type of website you want? How much should you spend , or could you do it yourself? Can you find the time ? How do you get a domain name ? What should it be ? These are probably some of the questions you have asked yourself.

The answers ? Well of course you can pay anything according to the look, feel and technology you want to include - but if you are looking to have a bright, modern, low cost, effective website that professionally supports your private clinic work - we can help. Could you do it yourself ? probably , but if it is hard to find the time and you want this now - we will do it. We will help you choose the site, decide upon a domain name or if you have one already, use that. Then we will make a start! 

Who is the Consultant Forum?


With thousands of consultant members,The Consultant Forum has huge experience and understanding of the needs of the consultant in private practice and all aspects of the private patient journey. 

 The Consultant Forum works with consultants in private practice, supporting the development of private practice and providing new ways to ensure private clinic details are clearly communicated to patients and GPs. With an online directory of private consultants and clinics called Which Consultant? and a patient magazine Your Health Choices written by consultant experts and providing patient insight into latest treatments and key procedures. 

We make it easy
the design
the content
3.We build
new website

Chose from a multitude of modern designs and the domain name for your website 

We  send you a document to fill in the information & content required - easy! 

Leave the rest to us - our team will build your website then send for you to review & approve or apply any changes before it goes live! 

Then the important bit...

So you've taken the time and spent the money and you have a great looking website, then what ? You must ensure people are looking at your website to make it effective, how do you do that ?


Well you can 'optimise' your site - we will help with SEO, google ads etc - and we will also help by placing a 'Featured Profile' on Which Consultant? consultant directory so that patients , GPs & referral staff can easily find you and your new website to understand more about the work you do, sub specialisms you cover and send bookings, enquiries and private patient referrals to you online.

   A link to your new website will be added to your profile to ensure your full details can be seen.

What else? We can create a patient information article about your expert services and add it to our online patient health magazine Your Health Choices, again with links to your new website. Want to join social media ? Let us add your article to a social media post so even more people know about the work you do and how to contact you regarding private bookings and patient enquiries.


                                 Learn more about Which Consultant? & Your Health Choices 

The Offer

A fixed price, low cost website build, chose your own unique design and provide the expert content and any imagery you wish to include. We will create your website swiftly and efficiently - often completing all within a week !

Review, make edits, then it will be live...Changes needed in the future ? No problem, let us know and we will edit.

            A swift, efficient, flexible service by a team that understand your needs - all at a fixed price - no hidden extras

One Price

Whats Included: 

  • Website Build

  • 12 Months Hosting

  • Domain Name ( or can use own)

  • 12 Months Subscription on Which Consultant online consultant directory

  • Patient Article on Your Health Choices

Whats Not: After initial build all hosting and domain name management will be placed in your own name. If after 12 months you wish us to continue management we will send a subscription reminder.

Price currently at £99 per annum.

          Full Package : £350

Includes full build and all edits

12 months Hosting


Membership Subscription:Which Consultant?

No monthly fees - no additional costs