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Including Central London   Greater London

Full upgraded membership ensures all of your private clinic information is clearly detailed for patient and GP view in London. 

Adding a fully illustrated profile with online booking , enquiry and referral facility for direct contact and easy receipt of private bookings online. Highlight your expertise in an informative patient focused article plus if its of interest to network with local surgeries and GPs then join the GP Talks brochure for your area. All surgeries will receive your profile details and have your full contact information to arrange an educational talk or to send private patient referrals directly.

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Fully Illustrated Profile​

  • Highlight private clinic information and all sub specialist details for Patient & GP view

  • Clinic locations times and days.

  • Receive enquiries, bookings & referrals online

Local GP Meetings

Connect with local GPs

GP Talks Brochures :

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Covering 4+ GP Surgeries in the following areas.

  1. Central London: only

  2. North London ( including Enfield & Harrow)

  3. South West London (including Richmond & Kingston upon Thames)

GP Talks Brochures will be sent to surgeries with talk titles and links to view full details of featured consultants. 

Patient Information Articles

   Clinic Features  

Your Health Choices

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Help patients to learn more about your specialist expertise  and all clinic and contact details in a patient article that informs about the work that you do and all clinics held. 


Published online and via social media to raise the profile and awareness of your private clinic work. 

Membership Upgrade 

Individual Upgrade  £99



  1. Individual Fully illustrated Profile includes online booking & referrals 

  2. Creation of Patient Information Article     

  3. Option to join GP Talks

​Cost includes all set up and 12 months on GP Talks

Clinic Group  £250 (up to 4 consultants)


  1. Full Clinic profile with all clinic details

  2. Plus up to 4 Individual profiles for each specialist at Clinic

  3. Creation of Clinic patient Information Article      

  4. Option to join GP Talks



Cost includes all set up, 12 months on GP Talks 

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Additional Promotional Option: If you have a clinic, new treatment options or a new website that you wish to promote further then a banner advert at head of Specialist Page can highlight key clinic details and link directly to own website or booking enquiry line. Indicate interest in registration form. Further Costs apply : £99 for set up/creation &12 months advert  Limited availability per Specialism / per area 

  • Stand out in 'Exclusive' position

  • Only 1 clinic type per area

  • Highlight key clinic details

  • Promote latest treatments

  • Click to view examples:  View 1    View 2   View 3 

e.g. at head of Orthopaedics page : The Knee Clinic


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