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New platforms in private health promotion

              Connect with Patients

With growing numbers of self paying patients looking to make independent health care decisions and searching for details to make an informed choice - provide quality patient focused information via Your Health Choices

               Join Which Consultant

Raise awareness of all private clinic details with a featured profile on Which Consultant show all clinic locations, times and days , add sub speciality information, details of procedures covered and receive enquiries, bookings and referrals online at anytime

                     Connect with GPs

With the majority of private referrals still coming through a primary care referral from GPs & their referral secretaries, if you want to provide local surgeries with further information about who you are, the sub specialisms you cover and where & how to reach you - join GP Talks

How Does it work?

Platform 1 :  Which Consultant Directory - for patient and GP view

    Stand out in a featured profile

  • Highlight your expertise in a fully illustrated profile

  • Clearly show all clinic details , across all locations 

  • Make it easy for enquiries & bookings to be sent directly 

Clinic banner Advert - Highlight Clinic Details at head of Specialist Page
Platform 2 :  Your Health Choices - for informed patient choice

Create a unique article


Showcase your Clinic   

Full Contact details

Latest Treatments

Establish Procedures

Promote effectively

           Add to Which Consultant profile 

           Feature on Social Media

           Publish on Your Health Choices

Platform 3 :  GP Talks Brochure - for local GP connections





  • Meet with Local GPs in Local meetings

  • Deliver educational talks about your area of specialty/ sub specialist expertise

  • Ensure surgeries have your details for direct named referrals


  1. Fully Illustrated profile with all clinic details and online enquiries and booking facility

  2. Creation of patient Information Article      

  3. Option to join GP Talks

  4. Optional Clinic Banner Advert at head of Specialist Page


Ensure your private clinic details are clearly seen, connect with patients and GPs, add any of the following

Fully Illustrated Profile on   Which Consultant :

  • all sub specialist information

  •  add illustrations /videos

  •  links to own website

  •  all clinic days and times

  • fully editable

  • Online booking & referrals

 Add Clinic Banner Advert on   Which Consultant

  • Highlight key clinic details in stand out position at head of specialist page

  • ​Links directly to own website

  • All contact details

 Creation of Patient Article   Your Health Choices:

  • Patient Focused Article

  • Feature clinic details

  • Increase patient awareness

  • Publish Online & Social Media

  • Add to profile

 Option to join 

 GP Talks Brochure

  • Educational In Surgery Talks

  • All details sent to local surgeries

  • Arrange educational meetings

  • Provide clear details for

        private patient referrals

Membership Subscription Costs: 

Fully Illustrated Profile , creation of patient information with inclusion on GP talks brochure sent to local GP surgeries, Exclusive Clinic banner advert at head of specialist page £250

Costs Inclusions & further details: Our marketing team will create your unique profile on Which Consultant to show full details of all clinics , sub specialties treated and add testimonials , illustrations , videos as provided. All can be edited at any time. Editorial Brief will be sent to collect details for the creation of patient information article , which will be added to online profile , published on Your Health Choices , with options for social media postings. GP talks brochures will show Talk Titles and provide surgeries with links to view full online profiles and options for sending private referrals online. Key details for Clinic Banner advert will be collected and once created, sent to view and approve ahead of live listing. Costs include all set up and full promotion for 12 months. At the end of 12 month period renewal details will be sent for optional renewal - profile and articles will still be visible online for as long as required with or without renewal. Online booking and referral facility, GP Talks inclusion and Banner adverts will need to be renewed after 12 months.