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Which Consultant?  Online directory of private consultants

A new way for patients and GPs to review the specialist information they need when making private health choices www.whichconsultant.co.uk 

Featuring consultant specialists holding private clinics across all locations and regions and within all specialties. 

Consultants can register to ensure all of their private clinic details are included.

 Feature your Clinics on Which Consultant?  

Ensure your private clinics are clearly featured on the directory. Show specialist details , areas of treatment , key procedure information and sub specialisms covered for clear understanding of the work you do,accurate bookings and private patient bookings referrals.

Include all clinic times, locations and contact details.

Receive patient testimonials, booking enquiries, bookings and referrals online. 

 Featured Profile ensures full inclusion on Which Consultant 

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Your Health Choices  Online patient health magazine

Providing patients with greater understanding of their private health choices and specialist procedures.


Showcases specialist experts, key treatments and latest procedures for improved patient awareness.

Consultants can highlight the latest treatments they offer

Featured profile ensures inclusion on Which Consultant directory and a feature on Your Health Choices

 Showcase your latest treatments & procedures on Your Health Choices  

Provide patients more information about specialist procedures and highlight latest treatments in an article on Your Health Choices.

A great way to connect with patients and offer increased awareness, understanding and reassurance about the procedures they are researching.

Show all clinic locations and details for direct booking enquiries on your article.  

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Our design team can create an eye-catching banner for you that will be placed at the top of your specialist chapter and hyperlink it directly to your website page or contact email. 

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